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 Schu wins fight against pneumonia - report


Michael Schumacher has won his fight against pneumonia, according to the major German daily newspaper Bild.

Earlier, the seven time world champion’s manager Sabine Kehm played down rumours the lung infection had interrupted efforts to wake Schumacher from his long coma.

She said the great German “still is in a waking up process”.

Now, Bild says its sources indicate pneumonia is no longer posing “an acute danger” to the former Ferrari and Mercedes driver’s health.

“Schumacher has already won the fight against pneumonia,” the report claimed.

 Bugatti having problems selling the remaining 40 Veyrons


All of them are convertibles

Bugatti is having major problems in selling the remaining Veyrons which are worth no less than 62.5M EUR (about 85.6M USD or 51.2M GBP).

The Bugatti Veyron coupe was introduced back in 2005 and its production was capped to 300 units which were sold over a course of five years. Bugatti planned an additional 150 units of the Grand Sport roadster of which they still have 40 units and can’t find buyers.

These 40 unsold Veyrons amount to around 62.5M EUR and Bugatti hopes that through its Dynamic Drive Experience program they will be able to shift some of the remaining units. The program gives prospective buyers the possibility to test the Veyron Grand Sport in the United States both on open roads and on a closed airport runway. Bugatti says this program is now being offered for 20 to 25 potential customers each weekend.

The company estimates all remaining cars will be sold within 12 months but don’t expect a successsor immediately after that as Bugatti Sales Director for the Americas John Hill told Bloomberg “I wouldn’t expect an announcement for a couple years down the road.”